Social Responsibility

Create a more secured
environment for employees
02 Provide outsourcing workers with a greater sense of security
Based on the expertise of employment and the core capability of self-owned operation services, Zhonghe Group expands the business scope to dispatching and outsourcing and provide the same level of protection for outsourced workers as full-time employees. At the same time, we have launched a self-service app, enabling users to check the status of social benefits and housing provident fund anytime and anywhere. With the app, they can also change the designated hospitals and withdraw housing provident fund with ease by themselves, which brings a real sense of security for outsourced workers.

Build a harmonious home together

Escort the comprehensive development of employees

Zhonghe Group has a complete staff career development training system, including promotion system and staff welfare system to protect the rights and interests of employees and encourage their overall growth and development. In order to advocate equal and diversified recruitment, we focused on campus employment and management training recruitment and hired a number of people with disabilities as customer service assistants by holding job fairs for disabled people in Chongqing and collaborating with departments of special education in universities and local disabled persons’ associations in 2018.

Actively participate in community construction

Zhonghe Group follows its original aspiration of contributing back to the society and actively participates in public welfare activities, reaching out to communities through charitable donations, public welfare projects and volunteering activities by employees to send heartfelt support to the people in need. Relying on Tonglu Service Center for the disabled, we partner with the China Disabled Persons Federation and local disabled persons’ federation and implement projects such as the Ferry Program and Pivot Program to support the disabled.

Improve corporate environmental footprint

Zhonghe Group considers environmental protection in its daily procurement, administration and customer management, and the entire online service platform helps to reduce transportation carbon emissions in handling various social benefits services. By the end of 2019, the online platform reduced 7,200 kilograms of paper carbon emissions for partner companies.

"Corporate Social Responsibility Report"

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