Our Products

101 HR SaaS

101 HR, a new-generation of cloud-based platform,includes products of social benefits management, payroll management, HR Management, commercial insurance marketplace, and welfare benefits to bring efficient, convenient and stable HR service.


51Shebao, a technology-driven human resource service provider, based on the 101 HR platform. We operate a self-owned labor-light network in more than 130 cities across all 31 province-level regions in China to provide one-stop solution for enterprises.


HiWork focuses on providing comprehensive SaaS suite tailored to our customers. Our highly scalable and innovative solution enable us to offer complete a set of modules for flexible employment of online economy and MCNs, covering major aspects of HR management under our all-in-one integrated user interface, such as income settlement, tax declaration and business secretary and etc..


51Tonglu has been highly committed to serving vast-based disabled group. We partner with China Disabled Persons Federation to establish and run employment centers where people are recognized for their abilities to provide training courses, help them explore career opportunities and manage their social benefits demand.


Bilin makes the globalization easy. We provide comprehensive HR solution for customer’s overseas business as they expand globally, which is mainly comprised of payroll management, HR outsourcing and global agency service. As we offer customized overseas solutions to fulfill customers’needs. This one-stop solution can help our customers to complete the corporate structure establishment, investment filings, corporate registrations, and other professional HCM services for its global operations.


Tax100, a leading financial and tax knowledge community, is an online forum that can learn and share tax knowledge information by login websites, mini APPs and AI tax robots. Tax100 is targeting to universal access to tax knowledge for users and accompany them on their way to progress.